I can't say I blame you for thinkin about migrating to a warmer climate! I have thought about it myself a time or two! If you need storage for your big move Seize the Deal has what you need!

Movin down south? To the ATL or Carolinas or even Florida? This week Seize the Deal is givin you the hottest deals around with their Seize the Deal Auction at www.seizethedeal.com. Don't miss the chance to bid on a 10 by 10 storage unit from Albany Super Storage! This big unit will come in handy during your hectic move so don't miss the chance to get the 10 by 10 unit for 6 months from Albany Super Storage at a great deal!

Get your bids in today! This deal won't last long & will be over tomorrow night at 7pm!

Seize the Deal from HOT 99.1!

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