I don't have any kids yet, but I know for a fact I would be outraged if my kid was not put on the right bus and dropped back off home safely. Schools all over the capital region resumed session this past Thursday, which means there were some new faces at the bus stop and new drivers for the new school year.

It was a complete nightmare for an Amsterdam father and his first-grade daughter on the first day of school. His daughter was put on the wrong bus which resulted in her being dropped off at the wrong location. The police safely reunited the little girl with her father but those moments in between where a nightmare.

Michael Richardson was excited to hear about his daughter's first day of first grade at Marie Curie Elementary, but instead it turned into panic. "We called down the school and they said they can't get a hold of the bus transportation company. They don't know what's going on," recalls the father.


The Amsterdam school district says the administration is working on the issues. In a statement saying, "We want our families to know we understand the impact caused by these problems and are taking this very seriously. Brown Transportation has assured us that they are diligently working to address all issues."



I can see how a kid could possibly get on the wrong bus on the first day of school, because the first day is always so hectic and teachers and the drivers are all getting used to the new faces, but the bus driver should have not let that little girl off the bus knowing there was no one there to pick her up that's common sense.

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