I've only been in this state for one year, but I can already say this confidently: New York is an awesome state to go for a road trip.

Whether you're heading south toward New York City and Long Island, north to Canada, or west to see a lifetime's worth of trees, you can't go wrong with an in-state road trip. There's things to do, sights to see, and most importantly, memories to make for you and your family.

With the rise in gas prices, however, families in the Empire State have been left asking themselves: how expensive are these summer memories about to be?

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Road Trips Becoming Very Costly for New Yorkers This Summer

In a recent study, the Gunther Motor Company examined multiple different road trip-related variables, and created a ranking of the states with the most expensive summer road trips. To create this ranking, the motor company weighed the following factors: the most popular car in each state and the mileage per gallon (city/highway); the average cost of gas in each state as of June 2022; the average road trip distance in 2022; and how many gallons would be required for the trip.

New York Suspends Its Gas Tax For Rest Of Year
Gas prices are skyrocketing across the country / Getty Images

With all of this in mind, it was determined that a road trip in New York, done in a Honda Accord and with an average gas price of $4.79, is the 11th-cheapest state in which you can do your summer road trip. That being said, it would still cost you $80.05 to keep your tank full for an average road trip in the Empire State.

While that total gas price is eye-popping, it is comparatively very low, as a number of other surrounding states will leave you spending even more at the pump in order to have a fun road trip with your family.

How New York Compares to Other Surrounding States

Based on the same survey from the Gunther Motor Company, states around New York are ranked as follows:

  • No. 30 - Vermont ($88.30)
  • No. 31 - Massachusetts ($84.68)
  • No. 36 - New Jersey ($82.74)
  • No. 38 - Connecticut ($82.56)
  • No. 45 - Pennsylvania ($76.14)
  • No. 50 - New Hampshire ($71.92)

Comparatively speaking, a road trip in the Northeast appears to be cheaper than a road trip in the middle of the country. Arkansas leads the way with a whopping total gas bill of $122.23, with Iowa, Utah, North Dakota and New Mexico rounding out the top five on the list.

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