Ever since the television show Antiques Roadshow started discovering America's hidden treasures I, along with millions of others, have been fascinated with lost, misplaced and forgotten items of our past. The memories that each item carries are priceless. Sometimes the items themselves are priceless.

Imagine having a 1975 muscle car parked in a New York garage for 20 years! Does it run? What condition is the paint job in? Car it be cleaned up and eventually restored? Let's take a look at this rare Pontiac Trans AM.

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According to the AMMO NYC YouTube Channel, a 1975, cardinal red, Pontiac Trans Am 455 HO had been sitting in a New York garage for 20 years virtually untouched. The owner of the vehicle contacted the AMMO guys to see if they could get it cleaned up and evaluated for a possible restoration.

The rarest Pontiac Trans AM ever made is the 2-door convertible and only 8 of those were ever made. According to Motor Trend, nearly as limited is the 1975 Trans Am 455 HO with just 857 models made.

YouTube.com-AMMO NYC
YouTube.com-AMMO NYC

The AMMO NYC team decided to inspect the car in person to what kind of shape it was in. Tucked away in a garage for 20 years, the condition of the Trans Am was rough, to say the least.

Scroll through the pictures below to see how the Trans Am looks following it's first wash in 2 decades. See if the AMMO NYC guys were able to clean it up to a respectable degree and get the muscle car ready for restoration.

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