I'm a total gearhead. I love classic cars and trucks and have since I was old enough to know what a car was. I've owned and restored several classic cars and trucks in my life and have even found a couple of very cool "barn finds" that I have bought and restored.

However, I've never seen anything like this 300+ car collection of classic cars, trucks, racecars, customs, and parts that have been unearthed right here in New York. The location is a well-kept secret, but videos and pictures of this massive collection have surfaced. A car detailing company, AMMO NYC, that specializes in exotic and classic car detailing is taking over the task of getting these cars cleaned up and ready for auction.

This collection includes some really rare cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Plymouth Super Birds, Lemans race cars, and lots of classic muscle cars like Camaros, Corvettes, 'Cudas, and Road Runners.

Check out the pictures and the video that takes you on a tour through the collection.

It's being reported that they will be sold off in lots and not as an entire collection.

Steve King's Classic Car 'Barn Finds'

Here are a few pictures of my own barn finds that I have found over the years. One is a 1966 Olds Cutlass that is pretty rare, with a 330 ci engine, a 4 speed, and 3.90 Posi rear end. It's basically an Olds 442 without having to pay the extra $126 for the 442 packages.

I found it sitting in a garage where it had been stored for 17 years. A friend of a friend told me about that one. Another friend found my 1966 Jeep Gladiator pickup in a barn in Central Nebraska. The farmer was sending it to the scrapyard. They were going to pay him $350 for it as scrap. I offered him $400, loaded it up on a trailer, and saved it.

Unbelievable 'Barn Find' Classic Car Collection in New York

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