Outtakes -- in both photo and video form -- from Rihanna's GQ cover shoot have been posted, and it's about to get really hot in here. The cover itself, featuring RiRi in a cropped leather jacket and using her hands to cover her lower lady parts, was scorching. The outtakes are no less heat-seeking.

The outtake photos see the singer sprawled out on an old-fashioned leather couch, cupping her breasts, and in an off-the-shoulder, grey jersey top, showing off her tattoos, which are sprinkled all over her body. There is a bit of delicacy in these shots, as well.

The behind-the-scenes video finds RiRi posing for the camera, in that same off-the-shoulder top and without any shirt or bra at all. Of course nakedness is a state of being that RiRi is super comfortable with. She is primped, primed and smiling, being effortlessly sexy for about a minute and 23 seconds. Since that's what RiRi does best!

There is no interview footage nor is there any chatting in the clip. It's just Rihanna in all of her superhot glory. The subtle video, featuring some music, ups the sexiness and mystique factor, too.

Hotness, thy name is Rihanna.


Watch Rihanna Behind-the-Scenes Video From GQ Cover Shoot