Omari Hardwick and Tika Sumpter dropped in to promote their new film 'Nobody's Fool'.

-Tika is from Queens

-Tyler Perry's 1st Rated R Comedy

-About the film, Nobody's Fool

-Social media trolls and overly invested fans

-Tika's baby inspired her to be more open with her private life

-Have they ever been cat-fished?

-Crazy dates...and a crazy Tika dating story

-Fiance got her by making her laugh

-Omari's side of the story....(a run-in with fan in a park that made it onto our show)

-The best way to approach them for a picture

-Has fame changed the dynamics of their relationships?

-Nobody's Fool will be Envy's 1st Tyler Perry film

-Why you should see Nobody's Fool

-What's it like for Tika now that she had a baby

Watch the full interview below:

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