Bush never came, Clinton was here once, now Barack Obama is making his THIRD, yes – third visit to the Albany area tomorrow. But why?

New York is a blue state so he’s hardly looking to win over voters for the upcoming election. Can he count on campaign dollars from the 5-1-8? No way. I got it, maybe he’s coming because he heard of a new local hip hop station called HOT 99.1!!! Ok, now I’m buggin’.

In an article written by the Times Union, Rep. Paul Tonko said “We are a glowing example of where the President wants to lead the nation”. There could be a little homer-pride in that statement but with the area’s development of jobs at GlobalFoundries and research efforts at local colleges, he’s kinda right.

Obama’s Tuesday trip will include a tour of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at UAlbany.

With that being said, I have to warn Great Dane students. Don’t mess with the dudes talking to people in their sleeves… unless you’re looking for advice on where to find high-end prostitutes.