What can you say about dogs? There may not be enough words to describe the love they can bring into your home. Dogs can be your best friend and sometimes your only friend. They are there through all of your breakups and makeups and they love you unconditionally. Dogs are truly a member of the family.

What would you do if a member of your family went missing for days? Your son, daughter, brother, sister or your pup wandered off and was now gone? A New York State pooch did just that and you won't believe where he ended up.

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According to the New York State Police, a 13 and a half year old Golden Retriever named Lilah disappeared recently in the town of Conklin. Lilah had been missing for several days and, as you could imagine, her owners were worried sick.

One day a call come in to New York State Police dispatch regarding a dog stuck in a culvert pipe, which is a drainage pipe that typically runs underground, perhaps under a roadway, driveway or train tracks. Could this be Lilah?

Photo by Crawford Passy on Unsplash
Photo by Crawford Passy on Unsplash

New York State Trooper "Jimmy Rasaphone out of Binghamton responded to the call with Trooper Ana Reynas to assess the scene. Turns out this dog was now pretty deep underground so the officers needed to act quickly. Trooper Rasaphone tied a rope to a dog leash and crawled into the dark pipe.

The Trooper eventually reached the dog and was able to attach the collar t the pooch and lead her out of the pipe and yes, it was Lilah! As you can see if the picture below, Lilah could use a bath but she has safely been returned to her owners. Nice work officers!

New York State Police
New York State Police

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