Impersonating your school principal is already bad enough. That said, impersonating your principal, and trying to get away with felony-level infractions?

That's far, far worse, and that's what we saw in Erie County earlier this summer. The story centers around an unnamed 15-year old kid, and has come to a head with the teenager being arrested.

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15-Year Old Erie County Teenager Arrested for Impersonating Principal

ABC News 10 in Albany, New York reported on a somewhat disturbing story, in which a 15-year old student in the Grand Island School District was arrested for impersonating their school principal.

While the impersonation is already bad enough, the student reportedly used multiple social media accounts to coerce students into sending explicit photos of themselves to them. Reports say that the perpetrator threatened students in the process, saying that there would be consequences if they did not comply.

The school district, which is located in Grand Island, New York in Erie County, filed a complaint to New York State Police. A search began to hunt down the source of the disturbing messages, and the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, NYSP Computer Crimes Unit and the Department of Homeland Security were all called in to assist, according to the News 10 article.

All told, the teenager was arrested after a search warrant was obtained last Wednesday, June 22nd. The person was charged with two felonies (criminal impersonation; promoting an obscene sexual act) and one misdemeanor (coercion), and is scheduled to appear in court at an unknown date in the future.

This story undoubtedly shook the Grand Island School District to its core. That said, the students who chose to bring this to the attention of the police deserve endless amounts of credit for their bravery. They were indispensable in ultimately bringing down the imposter.

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