You may think that because marijuana is legal in New York state there are plenty of places you can light one up. That is not necessarily the case. Where you can and cannot smoke are pretty lopsided so don't expect to see a lot of people smoking marijuana around you.

Although it seems that we will be seeing more pot smokers out in the open smoking, the places are limited as to where they can. It is pretty similar to where smokers are allowed to light up cigarettes. I had forgotten how many places prohibit smoking altogether.

It's pretty simple, everywhere cigarettes can't be smoked is where marijuana smoking is also prohibited. Because of the Clean Indoor Air Act, these are the places smoking both cigarettes and marijuana are banned and they are pretty obvious. You are not allowed to smoke at work, in bars, restaurants, indoor public areas that have a swimming pool, on any public transportation, or areas where waiting for public transportation, workplaces that have youth services, schools and on school grounds, colleges, hospitals, residential healthcare facilities, indoor arenas, zoos, and even bingo halls. City and local governments have banned smoking at public parks.

The places to smoke are limited. Hotels allow smoking in designated rooms and areas unless the owner bans it. Landlords can ban the use of marijuana on their properties. State Parks have no smoking restrictions along with playgrounds, pools, beaches, and outdoor environmental education areas. Also smoking marijuana and driving is also illegal.

There is hope for pot smokers, however. New York state plans on creating designated consumption lounges like bars that would be solely for smoking marijuana.

Marijuana - What's Actually Legal and Illegal Right Now in New York

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