Wanna get away for more than a couple days? Good, because one Warren County town wants you to stay for five days straight. Although it's not exactly all about a longer stay, it's more about cutting back on shorter stays, because these short weekend vacationing hooligans are causing riff raff.

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News 10 reports the town of Queensbury voted unanimously to require anyone who owns an Airbnb or VRBO rental to allow a minimum 5 day stay. That means anyone looking to come up for just a night or a weekend will have to change their plans - at least for summer.

The new guidelines are in effect from May 15 to September 15 (aka tourist season). Queensbury Councilman Harrison Freer championed the move, he explained the reasoning behind it to News 10:

The idea was to discourage weekend party houses that keep turning into multi-party houses, and reduce the turbulence of having couple-day rentals with people having to clean up after them. We had several properties that were in this mode way too much.

Where the issues have come up the most are at a rental on Sunnyside Lake and West Mountain, not so much at rentals on Lake George.

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But, the new law is expected to get some pushback. News 10 spoke with Ryan McCall, a lawyer at Tully Rinckey, he doesn't think it will go unchallenged:

I would be hard-pressed at this point to think that there wouldn’t be any (lawsuits). I think the town of Queensbury, due to its proximity to Lake George and The Great Escape and other attractions, makes it a hotspot for Airbnb owners, so I would assume they may even decide to pool together.

For now though, plan those wild weekend ragers in a different town.

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