If you haven't heard New York State has implemented a plastic bag ban. Over the past 40 years the number of plastic bags used for customers has went into the billions per year per state. With these bags accumulating on the ocean floor because they aren't bio degradable.

This has been a huge environmental crisis for years but recently states have taken action banning plastic bags all over the country. The state of New York has followed suit and the plastic bag ban will begin on Sunday.

I have been to other states where plastic bags are banned and the cashiers have a policy to ask if you would like a bag. Paper bags are available because they are bio degradable but they will cost you 5 cents per bag.

I personally have always been a recycler of the small plastic bags because they make great trash bags especially if you stay in a small apartment. Some stores will still be allowed to use the one use plastic bags but the main target is grocery stores.

According to CBS News 6, “The one thing that’s not exempt are the single use plastic bags that are used in the checkout and that is what this law was structured to get rid of," said Sean Mahar, Chief of staff, NYS DEC.

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