Nitty Scott is spitting flames and warning her competition on her new song “Buddhaveli (NahImaStay).”

The Brooklyn rapper jumps on a hard-knocking beat produced by Yung Lil Big. The track showcases the beast inside Nitty Scott. “Ya’ll bitches lucky I pushed my album back,” she raps as she opens up the song with a sarcastic laugh. Witty bars and catchy flows are demonstrated on this record while the MC lets the rap game know that she's tired of "chillin'."

“I did the Art of Chill, but ya make it hard to chill/Now I got the Creature beastin’ on ‘em, nigga, guard your grill,” Nitty spits. “Pockets fatter than a Buddha belly, got big bazookas call me Buddhaveli/I come in peace but I’m a need a piece, if you disturb the peace it’s like a scene in Belly.”

Nitty is prepping to drop her sophomore LP, Creature. She turned heads last year when she teamed up Joell Ortiz and Bodega Bamz for Westside Highway Story, a 13-track project featuring songs like “Iceys on Deck” and "Shots." This was her first studio release since she dropped her debut album, The Art of Chill, in 2014.

While there's no official release date for Creature, its clear Nitty is giving something for her fans to enjoy in the meantime.

Listen to the rapper’s hunger and vicious style of rap on her new song “Buddhaveli (NahImaStay)” below.

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