While most people was home chilling on a Saturday night (May 6), Nicki Minaj hopped on Twitter and blessed her fans with some financial aid.

It all started when a fan randomly asked the rap superstar if she would help pay her tuition. Minaj agreed but she didn’t stop there. The Queen Barbz tweeted to her 21 million followers that she would pay people’s student loans and tuition if they have proof.

What followed was an onslaught of fans posting their bills on their timelines and Minaj promising to pay some of them on Sunday (April 7). In total, it looks like Minaj covered at least 15 people’s student loan debts and tuition. Peep it below.

Afterward, people on Twitter praised the Queen Barbz for graciously helping her fans with monetary donations. It was truly an inspiring moment on Twitter.

Let’s hope it becomes contagious and other artists and celebrities follow suit. Salute to Nicki Minaj!

Check out the reactions below.

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