The deaths of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. might be over two decades old now, but their murders are still mysteries that are on the minds of the hip-hop community. While the LAPD never unveiled the identities of who could have potentially been behind the two hip-hop icons' deaths, many veterans in the game seem to have their own theories. While Funkmaster Flex has spent the week sharing his candid thoughts on the late Tupac, last night (May 4), Wack 100 went on Instagram Live to detail a theory of his own about Biggie's murder.

During the live footage, The Game's manager spoke about the East Coast vs. West Coast beef that was sparked between Bad Boy Records and Death Row Records in 1996. While addressing the death of Biggie Smalls, Wack mentioned that while the Ready to Die creator was killed on the West Coast, he claims that it was actually at the order of a person from Harlem.

"New York had nothing to do with Tupac's death," he claims. "That was some West Coast gang bang shit going on, and that's what that was. I will say this though. Flex, look into your own state. There's a few niggas around there that know what I'm talking about. And had these conversations. Puff know. Biggie Smalls was killed by the trigger finger of a West Coast nigga, but by the order and and the bag of a Harlem, New York nigga. So ask yourselves who really killed Big. A West Coast nigga, or the orders of the bag of the Harlem, New York nigga. Them right there is real facts."

There's a popular longtime theory that fans have, speculating that Suge Knight could have been the one behind Biggie's death as a retaliation for the death of `Pac the year prior to him being killed. Wack claims that that theory should be debunked being that Suge wouldn't want Biggie Smalls out of the picture, as the beef with him actually helped grow the Death Row imprint. The executive says that he actually needed Biggie alive for business reasons, which is why he believes he couldn't have been behind the rapper's murder.

"Suge Knight ain't had nothing to do with the killing of Biggie Smalls. Suge Knight was in the the hole in the penitentiary," Wack stated. "Suge Knight's whole business was built from beef music. Suge Knight needed Biggie Smalls alive."

While the deaths of both Tupac and Biggie have already been labeled as unsolved by the LAPD, the speculation behind their murders will continue to be discussed by the hip-hop community for years to come.

Watch the video below to hear Wack 100's statements about the death of Biggie Smalls.

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