Logic dropped his highly anticipated album Everybody today (May 5), alongside his well-received single of the same name, and the cut "1-800-273-8255" with Alessia Cara and Khalid.

As many know, the DMV rapper has been on an upward trajectory since his 2011 mixtape Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever caught attention. Plusbeing chosen for XXL's Top 10 Freshman list in 2013 didn't hurt him either.

Now flash to 2017 and Logic has millions of fans around the globe, not to mention probably millions in his bank account. In addition to that, he's spoken openly about having a white mother and black father and also growing up in Section 8 housing.

But what other facts are out there about the talented spitter that are either obscured or simply unknown. We've listed 10.

  • 1

    During high school Logic never went to a house party.

    The Boombox
    The Boombox

    In 2013, when the Maryland native was rising to fame, he spoke with the Baltimore Sun about his ridiculous work ethic.

    According to Logic, in order to achieve everything he wanted out of music, he often stayed away from teenage social life.

    "I don't do anything but just work hard," he said in that interview. "I sacrificed a lot of things growing up. To this day, I've never been to a house party. All I've done since I was young, was hone my craft."

  • 2

    Logic keeps his circle very, very small.

    Fame and money attract all kinds of people who suddenly want to be down. Any entertainer could probably tell you that. But Logic said he doesn't deal with a lot of new folks and doesn't do much when he's at home.

    "Sometimes I watch movies," he told Connecticut's Hot 93.7. "I don't party. I don't go out. It's just me and my homies in our circle. I stay away from everyone and everything, so I can just continue to remain who I am."

    He also said something similar during a separate interview that you can see in the video attached.

  • 3

    No I.D. got him on Def Jam.

    Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
    Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

    Around the time there were record labels clamoring for Young Frank Sinatra, he revealed that a meeting with No I.D. — the Executive Vice President of A&R — solidified things for him. In addition, Logic said the producer is the very reason he moved from Maryland to Los Angeles.

    Plus, the talented wordsmith said No I.D. wanted to sign an artist who was ultra creative but could still be commercially successful and once he said that, signing to Def Jam was a no-brainer for the rapper.

  • 4

    Logic proposed to his wife in such a romantic way.

    The 27-year-old doesn't talk a whole 'lot about the day he popped the question, but he revealed that it was done on a beach inside of a photo booth.

  • 5

    Logic avoids smoking weed.

    Not only that, but Logic said that he considers marijuana a gateway drug, and he's also stopped smoking cigarettes since the day he dropped his 2014 album Under Pressure.

  • 6

    He's been open about education and parenting.

    Logic also revealed that his mother would often call him the n-word and suggested that she dabbled in prostitution as well. Eventually, he was expelled from several schools in Maryland's Montgomery County School System but regardless, things obviously worked out for him.

    "I skipped school starting in tenth grade," Logic told The Churchill Observer in 2012. "I started doing badly and failed every class but English, so they kicked me out of school. They gave up on me."

    You can also see the rapper talk about his tough childhood in the attached video.

  • 7

    He has no problem with ghostwriters.


    The '44 bars' rhymer shared this opinion around the time rumors starting surfacing about Drake using a ghostwriter. Logic was clear, however, to say that he pens all of his own rhymes, but he's cool with others helping with hooks and stuff.

  • 8

    Logic's dad didn't like him rapping about drugs.


    "My father has called me and been like, 'I don't really appreciate you talking about me smoking crack all the time,'" said Logic in a past interview. "I'm like, 'Would you appreciate it if I didn't say anything and induced those same drugs into my body to try to get over what you put me through? Or would you rather me do it in a positive way?"

    Clearly, the rapper made a good point to his dad.

  • 9

    Logic's childhood best friend got himself into some serious trouble.

    The Boombox
    The Boombox

    Years ago it was revealed that Logic's best friend is serving a 14-year prison sentence for stabbing and disemboweling a man over a drug deal gone wrong. If nothing else, it shows all of the turmoil that surrounded the rapper while he was growing up.

  • 10

    Logic turned down a record deal from a legendary rapper.

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images
    Kevin Winter, Getty Images

    Before inking a deal with Def Jam, Nas offered Logic a deal, but the Marylander didn't want to be lost under the the Queensbridge MC's huge brand.

    Instead, Logic wanted to establish his own name and didn't want to be a rapper signed to another rapper.

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