Nicki Minaj upset many when she used a photo of Mal­colm X for her “Lookin’ Ass N*ggas” sin­gle cover, with the civil rights activist’s daugh­ter speak­ing out against Nicki. Ilyasah Shabazz said that Nicki’s cover was “dis­re­spect­ful,” She said “Ms. Minaj’s art­work for her sin­gle does not depict the truth of Mal­colm X’s legacy." This seems like it obvious why would you want to associate a civil rights icon with a song that is disrespectful to men in general.

Now Nicki Minaj disrespects Malcolm X's legacy even more by saying this on her latest single "Chi Raq". “Mal­colm X daugh­ter came at me/Lookin ass n***as ain’t happy.” I'm not sure what she meant by this line.

Maybe she was just addressing that Malcolm X's daughter came at her, but wasn't she justified ? Nicki should just leave this alone and keep it moving. To attach a civil rights leader to a song called Looking Ass N*ggas is disrespectful. Anyone with common sense can see this. Of course there was going to be backlash for this. Like I always say common sense isn't common.

Do you think Nicki Minaj owes Malcolm X or his daughter any type of respect ?