According to a lengthy report published by The Smoking Gun (TSG), Rev. Al Sharpton was once an informant, CI-7, for an FBI/NYPD joint task force that sought information about Mafia crime families. This sounds crazy, enough to be true.

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Al Sharpton, was quick to deny these allegations, he says he wasn’t an informant. He then accused those of making these claims of trying to undermine his civil rights activism. “In his most recent book, The Rejected Stone, which hit best seller lists following its October 2013 publication, Sharpton claimed to have once been ‘set up by the government,’ whose agents later leaked ‘false information’ that ‘could have gotten me killed,’” “He denied being paid to snitch and said he never carried a briefcase with a listening device.

In reality this paper work looks official. What does the smoking gun really have to gain by making up these allegations about Rev Al Sharpton ? He should just own this and say he was working hard to get crime off the streets of NY in the 80's. If you look at most of Al Sharpton's work he makes a living off of telling people what injustices are going on in the streets. So why wouldn't he accept a check if the F.B.I. was cutting one ?

If Al Sharpton was a paid informant he may have helped save someone's life. It amazes me that he went on record to deny something like this. If he told he told, who cares ? This happened in the 80's its 2014 now, thanks for your public service Al Sharpton. Maybe there is more to this story, it might put Al Sharpton in danger. The F.B.I. should do a better job at keeping their informants confidential.