In today's blank stare news..... A 9-month-old infant named Mohammad Musa Khan is accused of attempted murder in his native Pakistan in what his family is calling a “vindictive” actions by the police and government.

The boy’s family was part of an indent in which citizens, were mad about gas shortages and price hikes, threw stones at cops and gas company workers there to collect the bill. So instead of just charging the adults who actually took part in this, the government decided to charge the boy and the adults.

He does not even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly, how can he stone the police?”

his grandfather Muhammad Yasin, who is also charged as is the boy’s father. The boy drank his bottle the whole time he was being arraigned, he is due back in court on 4/12/14. Poor Kid...

I will keep you posted on this blank stare news. If he goes to jail I'm officially done with Pakistan, I'm sure they won't care.