In life, we're always looking for a bridge over troubled water. We're looking for a sanctuary of sorts, a place that brings comfort and peace to our crazy lives.

Now, what happens if the bridge itself is falling apart? What do we do, then?

Well, allow me to bring to light a troubled bridge over water, which connects Albany and Rensselaer Counties and carries the Berkshire Connector, and has been giving drivers trouble for months, if not years, at a time.

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The bridge in question is the Castleton-On-Hudson-Bridge, shortened by some to the Castleton Bridge. The structure in question is a cantilever truss bridge over the Hudson River. The bridge is located between interchanges 21A (Interstate 87) and B1 (Interstate 90), and carries with it a $0.60 toll in order to cross.

The location of the bridge (Google Maps)
The location of the bridge (Google Maps)

Though the bridge serves as a major access point to the Capital Region, drivers who have used it in recent months have become increasingly critical of its upkeep. Some travelers have even taken to Google Reviews, pointing out its many structural flaws, the constant traffic pattern changes that are caused by construction, and other issues.

I came across a story from Massachusetts, showcasing some of the best (and worst) reviews of a bridge in Fall River that has been causing drivers similar issues. So, I went to Google Reviews, and compiled some of the more scathing comments on the Castleton Bridge.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites, and the explanations for why driving on the Castleton-On-Hudson Bridge is becoming an increasingly large problem.

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