I have lived in the Capital Region for 2 short years. Prior to moving to Niskayuna I lived in Connecticut, right next door, for 50 years. In all my time in a neighboring state I thought of New York State in 2 sections. There is New York City and there is Upstate New York. Now that I am here I realize, it isn't that simple.

Is Albany considered Upstate New York? I wanted to hear it from YOU and, as you will see below, the debate rages on.

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First thing I did was go to an official source, the Internet! According to  Wikipedia, Upstate New York is a geographic region consisting of the portion of New York State lying north of the New York City metropolitan area, including Albany. Ha! Maybe I was right all along!

New York Upstate should know, right? Upstate is in their name and they include Albany, the Capital Region, Catskills and the Hudson Valley as part of Upstate New York.

I even looked to one of our most beloved public figures, Homer Simpson, to find the answer. Is Albany considered Upstate New York? As evidenced in the video below, Simpson not only identifies Albany but also Niskayuna, Buffalo, Sleepy Hollow and Utica.

Most importantly I need YOU to settle the debate. Is Albany part of Upstate New York? Where do you draw the Upstate New York line? This appears to be a touchy subject even with those of you that have lived in New York State your entire lives.

I asked this very question on Facebook and your comments leave me as confused as ever.

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