In the midst of all the craziness in the world, we can’t forget about a man who fought and died for civil rights.  This is MLK weekend, and we need to acknowledge the great man who was called Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today, January 15th, is Martin Luther King Jr.’s real birthday, but the official Martin Luther King holiday will be celebrated on Monday, January 18.  To help celebrate, PBS has a virtual lineup that will certainly be entertaining and informative.

As Americans, we are used to celebrating holidays with big parades and parties. Because of COVID-19, we know that this will not be possible this year, but the legacy of Dr. King will not go unobserved.  

PBS describes the event as a virtual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy.  They ask us to join them in celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King.  They say that this year’s tribute will be inspiring. They will celebrate Dr. King’s dream with music, art, and stories from people and organizations throughout the state.

They are asking all of us to join them in this virtual celebration.  We will hear from many of New York’s leaders who are working hard to make social justice possible.  They will highlight the civil rights movement from the time Dr. King was marching in the streets, going to jail, and ultimately dying for the cause.  

Civil rights leaders of today will also be highlighted because they are the ones who will help us see the success of the movement come to fruition.

Join me in observing Dr. King’s celebration that is being broadcasted on PBS and streaming at

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