As New York State sees a decline in COVID-19 hospitalizations and infection rates, our state moves toward a more normal life as more things are re-opening. Now maybe a good time to get married in New York because the number of guests permitted inside has been increased with COVID-19 protocols in place.

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According to MyChamplainValley, Beginning March 15 wedding and catering venues can increase the size of their events to 50% or 150 people per event with the following protocol in place:

  • Guests must wear a mask at all times except when seated and eating or drinking
  • Guests must sign in with contact information that is necessary to perform contact tracing
  • The venue must notify local health departments in advance of large events
  • Ceremonial dancing and socially distance dancing will be allowed under strict guidelines
  • All guests must provide negative COVID-19 test results

Governor Cuomo recently talked about his reopening plan. He said, “ Thanks to the hard work and commitment of all New Yorkers, our infection rate is now the lowest we’ve seen in three months, and accordingly we will now be reopening various recreational activities across the state including billboard halls, weddings, and movie theaters in New York City. As our infection rate continues to fall, and the vaccination rate continues to climb, we will keep re-opening different sectors of our state's economy and focus our efforts on building our state back better than it was before.“

To help facilitate testing requirements, New York State has launched a testing program called the New York Forward Rapid Test Program. The program makes rapid COVID-19 tests available to New Yorkers. The test will cost less than $30 per test and they will be available at various Quest Diagnostics locations in Albany.

It’s good to see that couples who were planning on tying the knot last year will be able to get married with more family and friends involved in the ceremonies. The pandemic has ruined the wedding business for entertainers and venues. Please continue to wash your hands, wear your mask, and practice social distancing.

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