Sometimes life can really kick you in the backside! Out of nowhere, WHACK and you are having a tough day.

You start your day the way you always do. Brush your teeth, grab some food and out the door. You probably picture your day going about the same as it did the day before. Pretty routine, right? One ting you probably never expected is that your vehicle will be submerged underwater before the day is done.

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Remember late last week when the that ice jam was blocking the Sacandaga River? Well you probably heard that that dam broke and caused all kinds of flooding in Hamilton County. So much so that the New York Forest Rangers needed respond to emergency flood calls.

Yes! That IS a truck swimming in the river! On the afternoon of Friday the 18th, Hamilton County requested Forest Ranger assistance with welfare checks after severe flooding in the town of Hope.

Rangers grabbed their swiftwater gear and responded. That ice jam I was talking about in the Sacandaga River had broken and the water started gushing downstream. This caused flooding of several homes and clearly at least 1 vehicle.

Prior to the Rangers arrival, a town employee had already helped remove the driver. Eventually a tow company, with the assist of the Rangers, pulled the vehicle out of the river.

This particular task was complete but the job of the New York Forest Rangers, State Police, Department of Transportation and Town of Hope continued with welfare checks until late in the night. Thank you for all you do!

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