The approvement of autonomous vehicle testing permits has officially kicked off.

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Technological innovation just keeps getting more advanced each day. In one of my former blog posts, I talked about autonomous vehicles and how New York was currently accepting applications from car companies that were interested in testing these “driverless” vehicles. In a recent announcement from Governor Cuomo’s office, it turns out that Audi America has become the first car company to get and approved permit to test autonomous vehicles in the state. Audi is expected to being testing the vehicles in the city of Albany starting June 13. They will be doing demonstrations near the State Capitol.

Since its beginning, Governor Cuomo has been in support of the idea of autonomous vehicles. “Autonomous vehicles are a major part of the future of the automotive industry and this pilot program will help ensure New York continues to be a hub of innovation and cutting edge technology,” Gov. Cuomo said. “This emerging technology has the potential to decrease accidents and save lives on our roadways, and with this approval we are one step closer to a safer and stronger New York for all” (News 10).

Companies interested in testing autonomous vehicles can apply for a permit in New York State by clicking here.

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