Stay classy Albany - this weekend you will have a new wine bar to check out on Lark Street!

Post Wine Bar will open it's doors at 200 Lark Street this today (May 17th), according to the Times Union. The next week will be a warm up for a full fledged grand opening May 24th. The TU says Post will also offer craft beers, and a menu offering lighter fare and some entrees. Post's full menu will not be available until the May 24th opening, but you can see what options are available now here. If you want to see what the new bar is like before heading there, you can see some photos of the new space on the Post Facebook page.

This location has a few wine bars in it's history, so let's hope this one catches on and hangs around a while. It seems like more and more people are drinking wine every year, so maybe now the timing is perfect!

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