Are you tired of telemarketer calls, I know I am! I don’t usually answer unfamiliar calls anyway, but when I do and they don’t leave a message I block them. But think of others who do not have this capability, their phone rings off the hook with non-stop Telemarketer calls.

Well, hopefully, that will soon come to an end due to a new bill Cuomo signed.
The Governor signed the bill into law Monday, which mandates telemarketers to have a consumer's written consent before their contact information can be shared or sold. The Do Not Call Law was put into place in 2001, giving New Yorkers the ability to opt-out of receiving robocalls, but yet these calls are still happening!

I’m curious as to what the consequences will be to these telemarketers who continue to still call. If they don’t have my written consent, then can I sue them? The legislation is set to take effect in 90 days.

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