Oooo Netflix thinks it’s slick. How are you going to raise prices and then tell me that I can’t share my account password so someone can use the services I’m paying for? They have lost their mind, people are already fed up with the rise in cost.

In their Quarter 3 2019 interview, they service announced that it was keeping an eye on password sharing, and looking to crack down on the practice. They said they are going to crack down on it but in a “consumer-friendly” way. *snicker* I am really curious how they plan to do this because right now the number of devices are limited under their services but sharing of passwords are infinite. Now that I think about it, some hotels will allow you to access your Netflix account from their smart TV. How will Netflix know that it’s truly me, versus me sharing that password with my friend who is traveling? Hmmmm.

It’s not clear how they are planning on cracking down, but they have made it clear they are going to make something change. They better be careful, they already lost customers with the implementation of Disney +, keep playing around Netflix and you’ll lose even more customers.

Do you share your Netflix password? Give us your opinion below.

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