Chance The Rapper, T.I and Cardi B comes together in hopes to find the next BIG HipHop SuperStar ! I know we done all heard this before - three to five judges many in the music industry sitting on a panel judging people talent. This new Netflix series is NOT THAT ! Im not into those kind of shows but 'Rhythm + Flow' is something i would be tuning into every Wednesday on Netflix. The first four episodes are up right now. All three artist hit up their own hometown - Chance from Chicago, T.I repping ATL and Cardi B keeping all the way in NYC to find the next superstar. Those that make it pass these judges and some of their special guess like; Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg, and Killer Mike win a trip to California to battle for the biggest prize of 25,000.

So far im glued ! surprisedly Cardi B is being very nice. I feel a few people she sent to California she shouldn't not have. I really like OneTake Carter from Long Island, Kay Makavel 21, from the Bronx and Queen Felisha from New Jersey. Chance The Rapper is a little more hard on his Chicago contestants. There are alot of good MCs coming out of Chicago. So far i think the winner is coming out of NYC or Chicago, sorry T.I


Are you tuned in? - What city you think is going to win ?


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