Soulja Boy is apparently giving one NBA player a bit of good luck this season. Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young is crediting his recent hot shooting streak to the rapper, who has made headlines this week for his beef with Chris Brown.

According to Young, it's specifically the "Draco Soulja Effect" -- Draco refers to the kind of gun Soulja owns -- that has assisted him in shooting so well. "Just sharing the ball, playing as a team," Young told reporters after a 116-102 Lakers win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night (Jan. 3). "It's the Draco Soulja effect. And we just passing the ball and having fun. Enjoying the game." Never change, Swaggy.

Over his last three games, the 6-foot, 7-inch shooting guard has shot a combined 18-for-26 from three-point land and totaled 63 points. 

Much of the Soulja Boy discussion amongst celebrities stems from the rapper's wild tale of shooting a home invader, supposedly with a Draco. “One nigga run to the front door. I hop out, I start shooting, shot the nigga,” Soulja says in his interview with DJ Vlad. “Shot his ass. All the niggas run out the door. This nigga on the floor. [I] walk up to this nigga, take his mask off his head. Looked at, saw who it was. I’m like, ‘Damn.’ Shot his ass again. He screaming and shit. I shut the door.”

SB's hilarious description of what went down initiated the viral phenomenon called the Soulja Boy Challenge, which features fans and fellow artists impersonating Soulja. You can watch Nick Young's post-game interview above courtesy of Rob Perez on Twitter.

Scroll down to check out Swaggy P cashing a three-ball and hitting a dance in a clip courtesy of NBA on ESPN.

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