Ricky Harris’ funeral turned chaotic after a mourner disrupted the service with his erratic behavior. The ceremony was held at the Official New Hope Baptist Church of LB in Long Beach, Calif., on Tuesday (Jan. 3). But things got out of control when Harris’ cousin, who reportedly has mental illness, became distraught when he tried to view the body.

Apparently, Harris' cousin got too close to Snoop Dogg and the rapper's bodyguard quickly tackled him and he was escorted out of the church.

A shocked Sherri Shepherd witnessed the whole thing and posted the aftermath on Periscope. “I can’t believe they’re fighting at a funeral!” the 49-year-old comedian told her followers. “It’s so disrespectful. So disrespectful to his memory."

Shepherd later posted a second video, along with the caption, “Everything is fine.”

After the funeral, Snoop Dogg went on his Instagram account and posted a video bidding farewell to his childhood friend. He then added, “The devil is a motherf---in’ liar.” We don’t know if he was talking about the fight at the funeral or not. But in a following video, Snoop looks into the camera and delivers the most sinister stare that we have ever seen.

Overall, Ricky Harris' funeral was beautiful and according to one attendee, no one will ever forget it. Among the mourners who attended the homegoing ceremony included funnyman Bill Bellamy, rapper Kxng Crooked and a slew of comedians who have worked with Harris in the past.

We have rounded up some of the videos and photos that were taken during Ricky Harris' funeral to give you a sense of the love and chaos that occurred at the ceremony.

Rest in paradise, Ricky Harris. You will be sorely missed.

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