Just a year ago, Florida rapper Plies had the entire world running off the plug. Now his new song, the Young Dolph-assisted "Racks Up to My Ear," is buzzing thanks to Plies' antics in the music video, which has caught on amongst fans on the internet. The result? The #RacksUpToMyEarChallenge.

Consisting of individuals holding up bulky money phones to their ears, social media users have taken to Instagram to upload their best "Racks Up to My Ear" clips while impersonating the Big Gates rapper. A few fans have even replaced the money stacks for more comical items like an actually rack from a kitchen cabinet or even bars of Irish Spring soap.

Regardless of the item, Plies is definitely feeling everyone on social media doing his challenge. The rapper has shared some of the funniest video challenges he's seen on his own Instagram page.

Plies certainly knows how to stay relevant in today's digital world and whether it's through his hilarious Sweet Pwussy Satday videos or the challenges created on his behalf, the "Shawty" rapper has managed to keep his fan base entertained while also collecting new fans at the same time. With the social media world now up on the #RacksUpToMyEarChallenge, XXL has rounded up the funniest and most entertaining challenge videos thus far. Check them out below.

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