There has been an ongoing campaign in the United States to totally get rid of Columbus Day. With more and more historical analysis of the Christopher Columbus voyage, the truth has come out. It has been documented that Columbus didn't discover anything he was actually lost when he stumbled onto the Caribbean.

Christopher Columbus's "discovery" also played a major part in the North Atlantic slave trade. History teaches us that Christopher Columbus wasn't a good person and treated his crew as bad as he treated the indigenous people in the places he landed. The fact that there is an American holiday named after him is almost embarrassing at this point.

For most people, Columbus is just a day off of work, but there is no way we should continue lying about this man's contribution to history. Another thing that always interested me about the Christopher Columbus story is if he found America why is it not named after him?

There were a lot of lies involved in the founding of United States, and modern-day researchers continue to pull them out of the archives.

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