A few days ago, Belly dropped his Mumble Rap album, a new project that finds him doing anything but what its title suggests. He also unveiled a visual for the album's titular track, "Mumble Rap."

Directed by Karena Evans, the "Mumble Rap" video finds Belly leading a group of gas-mask-rocking goons as he walks the night streets. In the background we can see garbage cans have been set on fire. His squad in the vid are carrying weapons like chains, saws and shovels. When they're not doing that, though, they're dancing to some slick choreography that feels slightly ominous when combined with the "Mumble Rap" instrumental.

The track itself finds Belly flexing over a Danny Boy Styles-produced instrumental. Like we said before, he's not doing any "mumble rap" on his new project, instead, opting for some intricate rhyme schemes and flows that feel stitched into the beat.

"Uh, fucking hoes that ain't worth a cent/In homes that ain't worth the rent/Perfect sense, this is the circus that I had to circumvent/If you fly, I'm turbulence/Murder murder, screaming 'Fuck 12!' with a perfect 10," Belly raps.

Mumble Rap is Belly's first effort since last year's InZombia mixtape, and all-in-all, it's pretty strong one. If visuals like this one are any indication, we should also expect the videos to be dope as well.

Check out Belly's "Mumble Rap" video for yourself below.

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