Ok so let me first start off by saying this weekend was really dope, I actually haven't had a good 3 day weekend in a while. Saturday I spent most of my day at McDonalds Black Arts and Cultural Fest down at the Empire State Plaza in Albany NY. I remember as a kid and young teenager I attended the Black Fest every single year I even made sure I had a outfit and my hair was on point needless to say since 08 I have skipped a few, however I was in attendance this year. From the parade to the performances on the main and little stage everything was really good. We had tons of listeners stop by the stand for T-shirts,wristbands and to try in beat DJ Supreme in the Street Smarts in order to win some Wiz and SnoopDogg tickets. Ofcourse I can't forget to mention the food vendors were on point as well shout outs to Wilborn Temple and Baptist church for coming though with some good ol fried chicken. Heres a couple pictures and video clips from the day.




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