COVID-19 has struck again, and this time it is taking a toll on our law enforcement community. The Albany Police Department had to close down their academy due to a surge in COVID-19 cases.

A total of ten officers, who are assigned to the Albany Police Department's Training Academy, tested positive for COVID-19 this week. Three officers tested positive on Monday and seven more were confirmed on Tuesday. With ten officers being stuck with COVID-19, the decision was made to shut down the Academy until Monday.

Apparently, a cleaning crew has already gone into the building and disinfected it, but Academy officials are taking extra precautions and they are keeping the building closed until Monday.

According to Times Union, Officer Steve Smith, who is the Public Information Officer for the Albany Police Department confirmed the outbreak. He said, “We have recently learned that some personnel assigned to the Albany Police Academy have tested positive for COVID-19. They are experiencing mild symptoms of the virus and are quarantined at their homes while recovering. They’re also being monitored by the Health Department.“

Officer Smith when I went on to say that the Police Department is working closely with the Health Department to make sure that proper contact tracing is taking place.

At the beginning of the pandemic, New York was the epicenter for the virus. New Yorkers worked really hard to make sure that we flatten the curve.

We know what to do to get our numbers down, and we’ve got to do it. Children need to go to school and police recruits need proper training. Let’s lookout for our medical professionals as well as our first responders to make sure they can do their jobs safely!

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