Miley Cyrus is taking the death of her beloved dog Floyd really hard. The distraught singer is in mourning and broke down while performing at the Boston date of her Bangerz Tour (April 2), since the pooch's passing was still so new and her emotions are incredibly raw.

"I shouldn't say he was my favorite, but he was my favorite. And he passed away," she said, while crying. You can hear the pain in her voice as it cracked. She then performed a Fleetwood Mac song as a dedication to Floyd.

According to the caption for the video below, Cyrus was talking to fans at a very full soundcheck when she mused about the passing of her beloved Floyd.

Poor Miley. She is really broken up over this and we can't say we blame her. Dogs are like family and Smilers, in addition to anyone who follows her on social media, knows that she adores her canines. The fact that she is far, far away from home while this happened has to make the blow doubly hard on her heart.

The Instagram video of an emotional Miley is below. It might make you get choked up.

PopCrush sends digital hugs and love out to Miss Miley while she navigates this difficult time. We applaud the fact that she remains a trooper by continuing her tour and doing her job. It's not easy, but she's managing.

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