R.I.P. to the twerk? Say it isn't so!

Miley Cyrus has reportedly banned all instances of twerking on her upcoming, 59-date Bangerz Tour, which kicks off this Friday aka Valentine's Day, Feb. 14.

The reason that the singer has imposed a restriction on the dance she helped to popularize? She wants people to take her seriously and she doesn't want the booty shaking dance to become more of a focus than her talent.

She doesn't want a fad or a trend to define a tour that will, well, define this era of her career. Plus, she has been there and done that. It's probably time for something new!

A source close to Cyrus said, "Miley is well aware of the controversy that her twerking caused last year and while she is not at all regretful of it, she doesn't want it to define her concerts. She has written the show herself, it's like a play and it has a theme but more than anything Miley wants the world to see that she can actually sing."

While Cyrus rode the wave of twerking throughout pop culture for much of 2013, she's moving on from the move. The insider continued, "Since June, when twerking became infamous, Miley doesn't feel that she has always been portrayed as a serious artist but someone who just bends over and behaves in a raunchy manner. She thinks her raw talent has been overshadowed by this and wants to put it right."

There is no shame in that!

Cyrus recently spoke about some of the things her Smilers can expect from the tour, saying it will be a bit of an art education for her fans... and she shared images of some of the props, like a giant hot dog.

We're not sure how a life-sized frank is more "serious" than twerking, but we understand that Miley is an artist who isn't content to coast on her past success or novelties or dances.

She wants to do fresh, exciting things.

One thing is for sure – the Bangerz Tour won't be boring.

Check out the snap Miley shared teasing the tour. Is that a twerk? Or just a toned cheek? We think that Miley won't be able to resist the urge to twerk here and there on the tour without it become a twerk-a-thon.