On Sunday a whole plane full of passengers was inconvenienced because of the behavior of one of their fellow passengers.

A JetBlue flight was scheduled for a trip from New York to San Francisco when the flight crew made the decision to divert the flight because one passenger was acting erratically.

Mechanicville resident, 42-year old Mark Anthony Scerbo, was removed from the JetBlue flight 915 from JFX to San Francisco because he was displaying inappropriate behavior while in flight.

JetBlue representatives report that Scerbo was repeatedly told to wear his mask, but he kept removing it. He was also accused of making inappropriate comments and gestures toward crew members and other passengers that were threatening and sexual in nature. Authorities also allege that Mr. Scerbo was seen snorting a white substance in the airplane’s bathroom.

Crewmembers onboard the flight made the decision to divert the plane and land in Minneapolis where Mr. Scerbo was removed from the flight and taken into custody by the Minneapolis State Airport Police. Mr. Serbo was arrested and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

A JetBlue spokesperson, Derek Dombrowski, spoke to Newsweek. He said, “The flight was met by law-enforcement, the customer was removed and the flight continued to San Francisco. Safety is JetBlue’s first priority, and we appreciate our crewmembers' response and our customers' patience during this flight.”

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Mr. Scerbo’s problems are not over yet, he was only arrested for drug possession so far. Because of his disruptive behavior while onboard the aircraft, the FBI is now involved and they could potentially bring more charges against him.

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