When we received this month's "Hometown Hero" nomination from Liz about her incredible friend, it was obvious that she wrote from the heart and with admiration. 

Joe Tourville from Mayfield is an EMT, Naval Officer, Volunteer Firefighter, volunteer at his church, has a newborn baby, and is doing all of this at the ripe old age of 23!  Liz felt compelled to tell us his story because she feels his friendship alone may have saved her life. She was sexually assaulted, and it was her friend Joe that not only helped her better defend herself, but cared for her emotionally as a true friend on days she was feeling her worst.

Click here to see how you can nominate a hero for the month of May, and learn more about Joe from his interview with Brian and Chrissy in the Morning on 107.7 GNA.

County Waste has partnered with us to honor those in our communities who are truly making a difference. All throughout 2017, we will be recognizing one “hero” per month based on their inspirational feats, work helping their neighbors, and everyday passion.

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