We've all had teachers and known school officials who've gone above and beyond the call of duty making long-lasting impacts on students.  November's Hometown Hero does all of those things and much, much more.  Her name is Lisa Mickle, and she's the principal of Okte Elementary School (Shen) in Clifton Park.

These are the beautiful words about Mrs. Mickle as written into us from nominator Ed Vargas:

As the new school year starts, this will be my sons last year at Okte Elementary. As I look back on his last 5 years, the one thing that constantly impresses me about Lisa is her dedication to the children and the school community. Mrs. Mickle can always be found interacting with her students, and taking a lead in building pride and spirit in the school. She takes to the students one on one, not just asking about school, but taking a personal interest in their lives.

Mrs. Mickle always dresses up for spirit days, Halloween and to support special school functions. Mrs. Mickle is a person that every student will remember for the rest of their lives because she is genuine and cares about the lives and needs of every student that crosses her path. She is a true hometown hero.

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