Mary J. Blige is in total control of her life. As her divorce battle with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, rages on, the veteran actress-singer is now taking her financial matters in her own hands.

In an in-depth interview with New York Magazine, of which she graces the cover, Blige revealed that she is now handling her business, which is something she avoided while married to Isaacs.

“I’m just being straight-up honest,” she told the publication. “I never wanted to do all this stuff, but after what I’ve been through and the mess that I’m in...”

After separating from Isaacs, Blige realized that she owed millions to the IRS. On top of that, she is now paying her estranged husband $30,000 a month in spousal support.

“You have to pay those taxes,” Blige warns. “It’s good to see what you have and what you don’t have – and why are we paying this person $5,000 a week?”

But in the past few weeks, Blige has been celebrated for her achievements in the arts. The 47-year-old recently garnered an Oscar nomination for her role in Mudbound as well as another mention for Original Song for "Mighty River."

Blige was filming Mudbound while she was separating from Isaacs. She said that it helped with her push out her emotions during production.

“I hate pain, but I know how to deal with it,” she said. “To do the assignment God has sent me to do, I have to live certain things. And unfortunately I’m constantly living it. You understand what I’m saying? It’s like trying to talk to a prison class, but you’ve never been to prison.”

New York Magazine's 2018 Spring Fashion Issue, featuring Mary J. Blige on the cover, is on newsstands now.

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