Maino's mission to help push New York back to the top continues on 'Watch Me Do It.' He turns away from the east coast blues and zombie strippers of 'What Happened' to get back to what he does best: Make street bangers.

The new single features T.I., a southern rapper, and French Montana -- who turned up for 2014 with 'Coke Boys 4.' Region representation isn't an issue here, because all three rappers come to do just three things: Stunt, stunt some more and remind you the prior two activities are why you're here to watch in the first place.

The boastful cut is Maino's first single from his upcoming 'King of Brooklyn' EP, which is due on Feb. 4 on iTunes. Chances are Maino isn't going to turn down for this release.


Listen to Maino's 'Watch Me Do It' Feat. T.I. and French Montana