Whenever a rapper makes it on to the beloved children's television show 'Sesame Street,' you know they're officially part of pop culture.

Just ask Macklemore, who stopped by the famous make-believe neighborhood to make a rap video with Oscar the Grouch and his friends. The Seattle native performs a remix of 'Thrift Shop' to celebrate the idiom "one man's trash in another man's treasure."

"I'm gonna pop some trash / Only got seven bags in my trash can / I'm, I'm, I'm, shopping, looking for some rubbish, this is gross and awesome," he rhymes, adjusting the lyrics to match the adorable theme.

"Wouldn't you like to rock a fish on your noodle? / Wouldn't you like to wear the kit and kaboodle," Mack continues, as he sits on the famous 'Sesame Street' steps where Susan and Gordon once lived. What a lucky guy.

Things begin after Oscar says, "There's so much yucky stuff out there, I want to get it all,' prompting Macklemore to show him how to wear garbage in style.

Watch 'The Heist' creator pop some trash above.

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