There's a bit of speculation as to if Mack Wilds & Sevyn Streeter are hooking up. Sounds like the actor-rapper may have a big boy crush on Sevyn! Check out the new remix!

Mack Wilds & Sevyn Streeter have been spotted in each other's company in public on several occasions, rumor has it they are a couple, but they deny it & say they are "just friends". Yeah okay guys!

Mack may be the mack but i think he has a crush on Miss Sevyn! take a listen to the special "Love Letter" remix he laid down on her hit track "Next"!

“So I’m sorry Ms. Streeter I need ya, it may be hard to tell / Love ain’t seem to do as well / But I’ll give up my boring heaven for this beautiful hell, long as we both feel the flames as well fell,” raps Mack.




Whoa! Sounds pretty hot & heavy, Mack is definitely crushin on Sevyn!

Sounds like he is part of tonight's LOVE & War topic of conversation: why does the ex find it hard to get over the breakup & meddle your new relationship? Hate, jealousy, heartbreak?? Get in on tonights LOVe & War via Facebook, Twitter & The LOVEline with Linda Love on HOT After Dark at 10pm!