Yes, you are reading the headline correctly. Mac Miller -- for some odd reason -- has dyed his hair pink. The 'Donald Trump' rapper, who parted ways with his longtime indie label Rostrum Records, debuted his hair-raising transformation today (Jan. 16).

The Pittsburgh native showed off his look via Instagram. In one photo, Mac is wearing a shower cap so the solution can dry in his hair. Then in the following pic, he unveils the new haircut in its pinkish glory. "Oh s---," he writes.

You can say that again.

Honestly, Miller’s pink-colored hair matches his hazel eyes quite perfectly.

The 'Watching Movies with the Sound Off' creator then posted a series of selfies, which showed him walking around the street with his new look.

Reactions to his pink hairdo have been mixed. Some critics on social media are totally hating it while others wonder if he's going through some type of phase.

"You are losing your mind," wrote one follower, while another commented, "No one’s gonna call you Macklemore anymore."

One female fan seemed excited over Mac's new pink 'do and offered some words of encouragement.

"Haha you're crazy man. Don't let anyone's judging you affect what you do by any means! You're awesome," she wrote.

What do you think of Mac Miller’s new pink hairdo? Yay or Nay? Tell us in the comments below.