Slim Thug is defending the thugs. The rapper appeared on CNN's 'OutFront' yesterday (Jan. 15) to talk to host Don Lemon about the definition of the word that makes up his rap moniker and hip-hop's role in influencing impressionable young people.

The Houston native describes a "thug" as someone coming from the bottom and moving up the ranks to success. "We call it, 'coming from nothing,'" Slim Thug says. The 33-year-old rhymer says that despite his appearance, he's not "gonna snatch your purse." Slim admits that although accurate, his stage name has been an impediment on his career. Although he does good deeds like charitable work, politicians and the like don't want to support him.

In addition to defining "thug," the 'Boss Life' creator was asked his opinion about a viral video that shows a toddler cursing and being encouraged by his parents to be a thug. Slim denounced the baby's parents and said hip-hop cannot be blamed for their lack of supervision. "If anybody listens to music and is influenced by what a rapper says then they wasn't raised in a good home anyway," he states. "If somebody going to listen to a song and do what the song say, that's bad parenting off top."

On the music front, Slim Thug released his last album, 'Boss Life,' which featured songs like the the Kirko Bangz, Big K.R.I.T. & Z-Ro-assisted 'Coming Down (Every Town),' in November.