Lupe Fiasco had to abruptly end a concert at the Depot in Salt Lake City Saturday night (Nov. 23) after a concertgoer hurled a tomato at him. The unfortunate incident was captured on video.

In the clip, which was posted on YouTube, Fiasco was performing his classic song, 'Kick Push,' as part of his Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour, when suddenly, an object that apparently came from the balcony flies by him. When the Chicago rapper turns to see what landed onstage, he gets pelted with a tomato on his arm.

Fiasco then calls out the tomato hurler -- a "fat white bitch" -- as the crowd gets little unruly after the music stops. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, security rushed to the balcony in an attempt to apprehend the transgressor but to no avail.

The venue’s staff did clear the balcony much to the disagreement of those sitting in the upper level seats, but it was too late. Fiasco had enough of the shenanigans and stormed off the stage.

The club manager also told the newspaper that they don't serve anything with tomatoes and people were searched before they entered the venue. He believes someone had to sneak the vegetable inside.

According to the website Hip-Hop Morning, Fiasco went on a Twitter rant about the incident and explained why he called the tomato hurler a "fat white bitch."

Although we don't condone slurs being used to describe a person, it's understand able that Fiasco was angry about the incident. Two wrongs don't make a right, but we sympathize with the Chicago rapper.

Check out Lupe Fiasco's rant here.