Back in 2006 many people associated the skateboard culture with Lupe Fiasco, due to his single 'Kick Push.' But perhaps ironically the rapper didn't get embraced by a lot of people in that community, and some even called him a poser for being a novice skater.

"There was some very insecure skaters, Tony Hawk not being one of them, fortunately, who just felt like I was trying to encroach on their territory when I really did the song as a tribute for a skate shop," said Lupe during his interview with DJ Skee for SkeeTV.

The Chicago lyricist explained the song was never supposed to be an official single. "It was never supposed to be a single, never meant to be a single," he said.

"It was for a skate shop called Uprise for a skate DVD, and then it just took a life of its own," Fiasco explained further. "But when you're the first through the wall, you always get a little bloody. Then it paves the way for the Lil Wayne's and the other people to kind of come in and capitalize on the culture even 10 times more than I did."

And as far as his forthcoming album, 'Tetsuo & Youth,' being only 11 songs deep, the dreadlocked MC says it has everything to do with royalties. He also spoke about his current relationship with Jay Z.

"I only get paid for 11 records," states Fiasco. "There's a cap on your royalites where you only get paid, the record label only pays you for 11 joints. It actually pulls money out of my royalties."

"Jay the homey," he added. "I was going to sign to Roc-A-Fella like in 2002, 2003. Then my partner Chill, free Chill, started to sign our own piece."

So how did his friendship with Jay Z developed?

"[I] just built this rapport with Jay," he explained. "Being able to go to [Baseline studios] and see him put together joints like the 'Black Album,' and stuff like that, and be a part of that, and give him joints for that, so he's always been in the mix."

Watch Lupe Fiasco Talk About His Relationship With Jay Z